Saturday, November 26, 2011

Busy Bee Mode

I've been pretty much MIA the past few days because of the tight schedules. It's almost Christmas. Everyone is busy completing their Christmas Shopping lists. You all know that me and my sisters planned to join Christmas Bazaars right? Aaaahhh....the horror of :))

Anyways, to update everyone....I'm busy with work. I don't even get to go out to the mall anymore to shop. BOO!! I'm busy being a teacher and I'm busy being a business woman. LOL :)) Yeah...Christmas is panic time for everyone. Special me...I don't even know how to manage my time wisely. I have tons of narratives to finish for school. I still have inventories to fix for our business. I don't even have the time to fix my messy hair :(

We received our kit for the Dear Santa Bazaar. We got complimentary tickets to give away :)

If you want the tickets, just message me at my twitter account and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :) It's one of the most promoted bazaars in the metro. I'm definitely blessed to be a part of this event. Me and my sister would be there from December 2-4, 2011 at the Ortigas Megatent (Beside Renaissance Condominium, along Meralco Avenue). I won't be there though on Friday morning. I have my teacher duties to tend to. Haha :D but I'll be there come evening time. 

We all hope to meet and greet everyone on those dates. See you all and Happy Holidays :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'll do a FOTD of Katy Perry's look in 'The One Who Got Away'

Since I love Katy Perry so much and I love her new video. I'll do a FOTD of her look in her music video 'The One Who Got Away'. This look in particular...

closer look of her face

I love her look here. Her eyes are really pretty

Saturday, November 19, 2011

BHCosmetics Haul

I'm definitely addicted to makeup and my hauls are unending. Retail Therapy is cheaper than hiring a counselor. DEFINITELY! LOL :D

Anyways...I bought makeup brushes and palettes from BH Cosmetics. BH Cosmetics is similar to Coastal Scents, just that BH Cosmetics is cheaper than Coastal Scents. I'm not sure. It's just my opinion. 

I bought the 88 Color Palette Standard Shimmer Eye shadow and I'm satisfied. It's quite pigmented. I love the fact that I don't need to use a primer to enhance the color of the shadow.

I also bought the 6 color palette contour and blush. I love love love this palette. A definite must have for me. I love the pink blush. The first time I used it, I thought it won't look good on me. I usually wear tan-ish color because the color enhances my skin tone. I'll do a FOTD and use the pink blush in the coming entries.

New Girl, I'm addicted to this...I confess

Yeah, ever since I saw a preview on iTunes, I got completely hooked. Zoey Deschanel has this charm that makes me compelled. LOL. Anyhoot...

I love her new series. I can relate to her character. Jess, the teacher, dumped by her boyfriend...awkward and unusual. Oooooohhh, that kinda describes me...LOL :))

this episode was hilarious and heart-warming at the same time
I just love the series to bits. I haven't seen all the episodes yet but I'm looking forward to have a marathon on the coming Christmas vacation :) Yaaayy!

NYX Round Lipstick Swatches

Warning: This post is a bit image heavy so please be patient. Hahahaha :) I'll do a review of the lipsticks but for now, enjoy the swatches :)


Iced Latte
Snow White
Orange Soda