Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Make Up For Ever Studio Case Holiday 2014

I finally got my hands on the Make Up a Forever Studio Case set! I'm really excited to share my swatches with you! 

Make Up For Ever released their Holiday 2014 line which included 4 sets

I bought the Studio Case set which has the eyeshadows. 

Packaging is very lovely. The eyeshadows are enclosed in a hard case that includes a brush and a mirror. 

The eyeshadows are creamy and highly pigmented. Very very lovely. It has no fall-outs whatsoever. 

On top is the swatch of the Chic Eyeshadow Trio. 

This one is called the Bold Eyeshadow Trio.

This one is called the smoky eyeshadow trio. 

The swatches above were only swiped once and then transfered it on my hand. I'm very impressed as the eyeshadows are highly pigmented and there were no fall-outs when i swatched it. 

Where to Buy: Sephora/Make Up For Ever Store

Year End Round Up: Top 5 Favorite Blush for 2014

Two more days until we welcome the New Year! What better way to celebrate than to round up my favorite blushes for 2014.

Disclaimer: The products in this review are not in any way sponsored. I bought the products myself and some were received as gifts. The opinions below are purely my opinions. Products work for me but it may not work for everyone. 

1. Guerlain Meteorites Holiday 2014 Edition

I got this as a gift from Crystal, my swap partner who I met in a Beauty Group in Facebook. I love love love this product because it works as a blush and at the same time as a highlighter. Packaging is very very luxurious. It comes with a puff inside but I find the puff a little useless. I use my Zoeva face definer brush with this one. 

2. MAC Limited Edition Sea Me, Hear Me (Alluring Aquatics Collection)

One of my favorite MAC products. It's a little bit hard to put on this blush. It's not the same quality as the blushes that MAC produces before. It takes time to build up but it works for me. I also love the packaging. This came with the Alluring Aquatics collection so you can't buy it in MAC counters. 

3. NARS Super Orgasm 

Probably one of the best blushes that I've tried. One of my favorites for this year. It's very creamy and also very easy to apply. Highly pigmented. It doesn't have any scent to it. A must have blush for every makeup junkie :) 

4. Physicians Formula Glow and Mood Boosting Blush in Rose

Drugstore brand blush but it is super pigmented. I love how my brush easily picks up the product. I also love the heart design on the blush. It comes with a small mirror and a small blush brush. 

5. The Balm Frat Boy Blush 

My favorite blush of all time :) Highly pigmented. Cute packaging. Contains a lot of products (8.5g). Cheaper than other blushes mentioned above. 

Those are my favorites for 2014. I would love to hear yours! :) 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Bronzer in Summer of Love

Makeup Revolution is finally available in Malaysia! I did a little online shopping a few weeks ago and got me some items from the site. 

One of the items I bought was this Bronzer. The packaging looks very similar to Too Faced but this one is a Bronzer. The one you can buy from Too Faced is a blush. Makeup Revolution also has a blush in this heart packaging but I didn't get myself one. Maybe next time :) 

As you can see, packaging is very cute. It is made out of cardboard and the color is gold and purple. The shade that I got is Summer of Love. I believe there is still one more shade for the Bronzer. 

The Bronzer itself is more of a subtle Bronzer. Unlike The Balm Bahama Mama which is a "whoah" Bronzer type hahaha (you get what I mean right?) it actually works like a highlighter than a Bronzer for me. Maybe the pigment for this one will really show off on really light or fair skintone. I'm a medium so this is like a powder with shimmer on me. 

You can get it on the makeup revolution website which is:


Price : RM 39.00 

Year End Round-up: Top 5 Foundations for 2014

Only 3 more days until we embrace 2015 and what better way to welcome the new year with a round-up of my makeup favorites for 2014. 

Disclaimer: The products above are not sponsored of any sort. I bought the items and some were given as gifts. All that I state below are purely my thoughts. The products work for me but it might not work for everyone. 

1. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in1 

This was given to me as a gift. I've wanted to buy this foundation for the longest time. It is available in Manila but I just didn't have the time to go out whenever I was there. Sadly it's not available in Malaysia. My swap partner, Crystal, gave this to me as a Christmas gift. I am so amazed with this product. I love coverage. I mean, if you put on foundation, might as well go full blast with it. This gives you medium to full coverage and it is buildable. The consistency of the foundation is a bit water-y than most but it works. The only down side for me is that it has a pink undertone which doesn't work as well as others. It kind of gives me the white effect but I like this foundation :) 

2. Catrice Nude Illusion in 030 Nude Beige

Another gift given by Crystal all the way from Austria. I am so impressed with this foundation. This is a full coverage one. One tiny drop goes all the way. When I finish the bottle, I plan to repurchase. Catrice is available in Manila and also in Malaysia but I haven't seen any foundations here in Kuala Lumpur. 

3. Sephora 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation

As you can see in the picture, this foundation is almost empty. Hahaha :) my most prized foundation of all. It gives medium to full coverage and it has a correct undertone. It also has a pump so it's easy to apply. Very creamy consistency compared to the Covergirl 3-in-1.

4. Makeup Forever HD Foundation 

This foundation is gives a light to medium coverage. Consistency is liquid-y (not the typical that I go for) but what I love about this foundation is that it is HD camera friendly. The best friend of people who wants to take selfies LOL. It hides your pores making you look flawless on pictures. 

5. RCMA Vincent Kehoe Cream Foundation

The big daddy of all foundations and the friend of every makeup artist. It does the work of Makeup Forever HD Foundation plus you get a lot of pigment for a tiny amount. You get 18 shades on this palette which is very suitable if you are a MUA. You can also use the shades for concealing, highlight and contour. What more can you ask for? Price is a little bit steep but it does the job. 

I would love to hear what are your favorite foundations for 2014! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Clean Apothecary Brush Shampoo

I've been searching for the best brush cleaner in the market. For the spot cleaner, Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is one of the best I've tried in the market. I've found the perfect brush shampoo and that is the Clean Apothecary Brush Shampoo. 

Deep cleaning is an integral part for your makeup brushes because 1) it cleans your makeup brush - hygiene is our top priority and we don't want acne to be clogging our pores. 2) it keeps your brush in a good condition - if you don't care for your brushes properly, there would come a time that it would break apart if you don't clean it the right way. 

I bought two brush cleaners for myself which is the Vanilla scent in Olive oil and in Goat's Milk which are both exclusive to Camera Ready Cosmetics. 

This is the Goat's Milk version. It's supposed to make your white bristled brushes whiter (like the Goat's hair brushes) 

This is the Olive Oil version. It makes cleaning a breeze since it breaks down makeup easily. Hard to clean brushes with foundation only needs 2 rounds of cleaning. 

The brush shampoos are available in 2 oz and 4 oz. I highly recommend you go and get yours because it's worth all the money. Plus it really smells good. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kiko Milano Limited Edition Rock Attraction Bronzer and Blush

I was privileged enough to own these two beautiful products from Kiko thanks to my friend Crystal who is in Austria and Clarisse who is in the UK. They gave me Limited Edition Kiko Milano beauty products.

Kiko Milano is a professional Italian cosmetic brand that features cutting edge products for the face and the body. Currently, it is only available in Europe that's why I am very privileged to own these beautiful products.

Kiko cosmetics LE Rock Attraction Bronzer in 01 Steady Honey

This is by far, the most stunning Bronzer I've seen. It's been with me for a few days now and I just kept on staring at it. Hahahaha :> it's too pretty to touch but for the sake of this review, I will swatch it for you. 


As you can see, the Bronzer is very subtle for my skin tone. It's not too loud as the Bahama mama but it's alright to do the bronzing part. It is also a little shimmery. Overall, I like it and I can't wait to play with it :) 

Kiko Cosmetics LE Rock Attraction Blush in 03 Crossroad Pink

One of the most stunning blush that I own. This came to me last October if I recall correctly and up to now, I haven't used it because it's really beautiful. Like what I said, I will swatch it today so that you can see the pigment. 


The color looks beautiful. It reminds me of the blush from MAC from the Osbourne collection. It takes a little time to produce this swatch but overall, I like the blush. 

Do you own Kiko products? What are your thoughts about the products? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below :) 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Innisfree Haul

I was strolling around Sunway Pyramid yesterday and I saw the newly opened Innisfree boutique. I was ecstatic to see the shop. Innisfree is a popular Korean skincare and cosmetic brand that uses natural products. One of their most popular item is their Jeju Volcanic Clay mask. 

Since I was there, I bought a few items. The Volcanic Clay mask set was on promotion so I decided to try one for myself. 

It contains the Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Toner and Cleansing Foam. 

They also gave me some freebies like a full sized face mask and some peeling jelly. 

I can't wait to try all these wonderful products. 

Where to find Innisfree
G1 store #70, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia 

Too Faced Melted Kisses Holiday 2014

I am back once again for my first holiday set review which is the Too Faced Melted Kisses lipstick set. 

This was only released in Sephora Malaysia yesterday while in the US it was released October 2014. The packaging looks very festive as you can see. These lipsticks by the way are only mini sizes. It contains 4 shades which are: Melted Nude, Melted Peony, Melted Fuschia and Melted Berry. The lipstick also has a velvety applicator that's why there's no need for a lip brush. 

A picture of a clean velvet applicator:

Swatches of the lipsticks:

Bare lips

With Melted Nude

Bare lips

With Melted Peony

Bare lips

With Melted Fuschia

Bare lips

With Melted Berry

- comes with an applicator
- travel size
- packaging is adorable

- the shades are okay

- it should be called a lip tint and not a lipstick
- price is steep 
- tint doesn't show the true color not unless tried with a lip concealer/neautralizer

My thoughts: 

I am confused on to why it is called a lipstick. I think it's more of a tinted lip gloss than a lipstick for me. It's very shiny and liquid-y. Lipsticks are supposed to be creamy hahaha but that's just me. I only liked the Melted Peony and Melted Berry. The other two are so-so for me. Good thing, I didn't bought the full-sized lipsticks because it will be a waste for me if I did. 

Where to Buy: Sephora 
Price: RM 99
Will you buy it again: Perhaps no, way too expensive plus I didn't like how it transferred to my lips. Not a fan of glossy items.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Halloween Mystery Swap: All the way from Sweden

I joined the Mystery Beauty Swap in our beauty group. We were all paired up and I had to send a parcel to the UK and I didn't know who I will send me my parcel not until I receive it. 

I didn't receive my parcel on time because my partner sent the parcel the week of Halloween, thus, receiving my mystery parcel mid-November. A little bit disappointed on the part of logistics. My parcel, also didn't came with a tracking number thus having to discover that it was in our mailbox 3rd week of November. 

Here is a picture of what I received from Sweden:

My 8th Beauty Swap: Singapore

Another Beauty swap came in a last week if I'm not mistaken. This is from my good friend Suzanne, who lives in Singapore. I have yet to send her package since I'm still assembling the items for her parcel and I am still waiting for some items to arrive. 

I requested Taiwanese products and some Korean products from her. Here are the pictures from her parcel.

7th Swap from Germany

Hello ladies! I'm back from being hiatus! It's only a few days left until December (I've been away for so long, I didn't realize I didn't have an entry for my September-October favorites. I owe my readers a lot!). How time flies! I have a lot of reviews to do. I have so much makeup in my closet that I don't know where to begin. 

It's seems like I skipped a swap entry. Yes! I did! It's not a typo error. I had my 6th swap from a girl from Mauritius and I can't find the pictures I took. I'll find it first and then update you guys! 

My 7th swap is from Germany and it is from Sabrina :) Thank you for the wonderful gifts you gave. The bath items are actually in my November favorites since I've been using them a lot :) 

Those were the items I received from her. I love the Balea shower gel and the Garnier Shampoo. The scents are very fruity and it reminds me of the hot summer days in the Philippines. I also love the nail polishes that I received.