Wednesday, July 27, 2016

First Impressions: Loreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation

Hello loves! I am back with another First Impressions entry and this time, I would be reviewing the Cult Favorite from Loreal which is the Pro Glow foundation. After the success of the Pro Matte foundation, they decided to release the "dewy" version of the foundation. 


Like its predecessor, it comes in a squeeze tube packaging (unlike most foundations that come inside a bottle with a pump). 

Unlike the Pro Matte, the Pro Glow is written in Turquoise while the Pro Matte is written in Red. 

I ordered mine via Sweets_16_ph from IG. She's one of my trusted online sellers here in the Philippines. Everything is guaranteed Authentic. 

Anyways, going back. I noticed that the formula of the Pro Glow is very liquid-y. I remember my pro matte to be liquid-y but after putting it on my skin, it becomes powder like. Not sure if it's because of the weather that's why it's too liquid-y for my taste or I just got a bad batch. 


It claims to give a Radiant Glow. Wears up to 24 hours. It also claims to have a medium coverage and the texture is air-light. 

Background of my skin

To give you a background, I am NC30 to 35 in MAC and I have a normal to dry skin. I prefer foundations that gives a dewy look (but not too dewy like a disco ball). 

Product Testing 

This is how the foundation looks like. It's liquid-y and runny. 

This is how it looks when it's blended with one layer. It is medium coverage because it already covered my vein with one layer. It is also buildable but I prefer using it with a single layer. 

My thoughts on the product

I had high expectations from this one because I was impressed with the Pro-Matte. The claims are true though. It is light weight, medium coverage and it stays forever but it was not dewy enough for me. It was claiming to give you a radiant effect but it didn't give a glow. I know dewy because I've tried a lot of Korean Cushion foundations and those are Glowy like Disco balls. This one is not flat matte but it's also not super radiant in my opinion. It would achieve a radiant glow if you add a moisturizer prior to putting on the foundation but if it is the foundation alone, it's just not glowy. 

Was i impressed? 

No, not impressed because the name said its Pro Glow but it's not. Don't get me wrong. I like the foundation but the only claim that mattered didn't even match my expectations. 

Product Rundown

What: Loreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation
Where to Buy: Pre-order from Sweets_16_ph (IG) 
Price: PHP950
Foundation Finish: Radiant as claimed 
Shades: (credit to photo owner; grabbed from Google) 

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